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Weevil Control Hero Pest Solutions

You may not recognize the name, but chances are you'll recognize the bug. Weevils are a very common pest all over the world, South Florida being no exception.

Weevils are commonly found in kitchens, crawling around shelving inside pantries or cabinets used to store dried goods. They can even be found inside of some food!

Weevils are brown and resemble long, narrow ants. They have antennae and their heads are elongated, giving them the appearance of having a pointed snout.

A Diverse Bug

There are over 97,000 species of weevils, each with its own name, appearance, and feeding habits! These bugs are commonly categorized as "pantry pests", as they are usually found crawling around cabinets where dry goods are stored.


Weevils live and breed in their food. They spend their entire life in their food source, and will die if they are removed in short order.


They are typically named for the food they eat. Grain bugs, Flour Beetle, Maize Weevil, and Cigarette Beetle are just a few examples of the diversity of weevil names and target food.

How did I get them?

If weevils randomly started appearing in your pantry, most likely they were brought in from packaged food you recently purchased at the store! Here's how: 

Weevils in pasta Hero Pest Solutions

Weevils can be present as early as the initial packaging date. Many warehouses are notorious for having weevil infestations!

Weevils on truck Hero Pest Solutions

From there, they are boxed and can be shipped across the country. They can spread from one box to another in a matter of minutes!

Weevils in pasta Hero Pest Solutions

Weevil-infested boxes of food are then placed on the shelf of your local grocery store. Again having an opportunity to spread to another food source.

Most weevils are grain-feeding. If you are seeing weevils in your kitchen, be sure to check all grain-related foods, including:


Bread Crumbs


Mashed Potatoes


Cake Mix




Pasta/ Noodles


Matzo Balls

Weevils are not harmful in any way. They do not bite or spread any disease. 

Control of this bug is dependent on finding their food source and disposing of it.


If you find weevils in your packaging, its recommended to dispose of the entire box immediately.

If you'd like more information on weevil control, click here

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