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Rat Control Hero Pest Solutions

Rodents have plagued mankind for centuries. Some of the earliest historical records mention rat infestations!


Being native to South Florida, rodents are a common pest problem many people have had to deal with. They are part of our natural ecology and food chain, and happily live around our homes, business, and near our canals, lakes, and beaches. And since our weather rarely dips below freezing, they can thrive


Rodents are very intelligent and can even be cute. But don't be fooled! These pests are responsible for a multitude of problems, affecting everything from your wallet to your health!

A dangerous problem

They are filthy creatures. Rodents defecate (pee and poop) as they walk, leaving behind a disgusting, smelly trail. 


They are famous carriers of diseases, including Hantavirus, the Bubonic Plague, Lassa Fever, Rat Bite Fever, Salmonella, Leptospirosis, and Tularemia, 


Their droppings, urine, and fur contain allergens that can trigger breathing problems in those with allergic sensitivity or respiratory issues.  

Rat Control Hero Pest Solutions
Rat Control Hero Pest Solutions

They are scavengers. Rodents eat what they can, including what we eat. It's not uncommon for rodent droppings to be found in ice makers, cereal boxes, or dry-goods packaging!

They can cause major damage. Rodents love to chew and gnaw, constantly sharpening their teeth. In our homes, they commonly chew wires, causing electrical issues, and potentially fires. In fact, it's estimated that 20 percent of all fires are caused by rodents!

They can also cause damage by creating entry points into your home. Once inside, their feces can be absorbed into your insulation, requiring the entire attic to be cleaned and re-insulated.

Rat Control Hero Pest Solutions

Signs of rodent infestation

Seeing signs

Rodents leave behind plenty of evidence.


Signs of rodent activity include droppings, smudge marks against walls, shredded paper or fabric, chewed packaging and food, or gnawed wood.

Hero Pest Solutions
Hero Pest Solutions

Foul Smell

Rodents defecate most where they nest. Most infestations have a heavy, musty smell of urine.

Hero Pest Solutions

Hearing noises Rodents are nocturnal, typically sleeping during the day and active at night.


People with rodents in their home typically hear scurrying, squeaking, or  scratching in walls or in their attics at night

Still unsure if you are having a rodent issue? Contact us today for a FREE INSPECTION. We can determine if you have a rodent problem and can recommend all of the treatment options available to solve your issue.

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