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WDO Inspections

Termite WDO inspection Hero Pest Solutions

WDO, (Wood Destroying Organism), reports are another service Hero Pest Solutions proudly offers. Whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing your current home, most insurance, lending, or mortgage companies require a WDO report as part of the application process in Florida.

What's the process?

When performing a WDO inspection, we need access to as much of your home as possible. This includes all rooms, bathrooms, your attic, crawl space, closets, and exterior of the home. If these areas exist and are inaccessible, we are obligated to mark it 'inaccessible' on the form and may result in your application being declined.

The entire process is relatively simple and quick. The service time varies on the size of your home and the difficulty to access the above-mentioned areas.

Can anyone perform a WDO inspection?

Not just anyone can perform this service. Only a state-approved and licensed inspector can perform this inspection. Many times, this is done by a company that is licensed and insured for termite treatment in Florida.


It is best to have this inspection done by a professional licensed and experienced in termite treatment. Sometimes home inspection companies (not termite treatment companies) offer this service. Be careful! These companies often misidentify termite damage, mistake older damage for newer damage, or completely miss signs of a termite infestation altogether! 

Can this service done for a VA loan?

Yes! We fill out the report on both Florida state FDACS-13645 form and the VA NPMA-33 form. Some companies make you wait days after the inspection before receiving the report. Not Hero! Our WDO reports are available immediately after the inspection is complete. We offer a physical copy and/or a PDF that can be emailed.     

If you are interested in this service and would like more information,

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