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Lawn Pest Control

Safe lawn spray for pests by Hero Pest Solutions

Here in South Florida, many pests can live and feed on plant life around our home. Some are seasonal and some thrive outside year-round. 

Some insects simply live in/around your grass, shrubs, or trees. Others are actually feeding on your turf or ornamentals. Not only does this cause unsightly damage, but plant-feeding pests can actually kill the plant life around your home!

Treatment for these pests vary. Here's how: 

Contact Insecticide

Best for insects that live on or around turf, ornamentals, and trees



Best for insects that feed on  turf, ornamentals, and trees

The insecticide is applied topically, leaving a residual behind for the insect to walk through. Over time, the residual can be weakened by rain. 

The insecticide is applied topically or through injections, absorbing into the plant. Over time, the residual is not weakened by rain.

Effective when the insect comes in contact with the pesticide, typically by being drenched or walking through the application  

Effective when the insect ingests the insecticide, typically by feeding on the plant 

Typically applied monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly to control











Typically applied quarterly to control

White Fly



Chinch Bugs


Mealy Bugs

Lady Bugs



Whitefly treatment by Hero Pest Solutions
Whitefly treatment by Hero Pest Solutions

Whitefly damage on a ficus hedge before and after treatment with a systemic insecticide

Chinch Bug treatment by Hero Pest Solutions
Chinch Bug treatment by Hero Pest Solutions

Chinch bug damage before and after treatment with a systemic insecticide

Caterpillar treatment by Hero Pest Solutions
Caterpillar treatment by Hero Pest Solutions

Caterpillar damage on Oleander 

Both contact and systemic insecticides are typically applied by a liquid spray, but can also be applied by spreading granules on and around the targeted plant life.

Most lawn treatments will require you to keep your animals off the lawn until the product dries, (2-3 hours). Once the product is dry, pets can safely walk on the grass.

Hero Pest Solutions has the experience to personalize a lawn treatment plan for your specific lawn issue. If you are interested in this service and would like more information,

please click here.

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