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Ants are the most common pest in South Florida. But not all ants are treated the same. For some, spraying outside may be the best solution to keep them away. For others, baiting inside may be a better solution. And sometimes, a combination of both and other services may be needed to get these pests out (and keep them out) of your home.

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Roach Control Hero Pest Solutions

Roaches are a very common problem in both commercial and residential properties. Some species of roach come from outside, where they are indigenous and thrive. Some species are brought in from food packaging or another source. No matter how they ended up in your house, they are unwelcome, and we know exactly how to eradicate them.

Rodent problems are a major issue in South Florida. These pests are nocturnal and are very active at night. You may hear scratching or squeaking if you have them in your home. They defecate (use the bathroom) as they walk, and will make your home their nest and toilet. They breed often, so their numbers can increase substantially in a short time.

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Termite Control Hero Pest Solutions

Termites are destructive pests that can literally eat you out of your house and home. Some companies will push you to tent your home if there is any evidence of termites in your home (even older damage!). Some termites live in the wood they eat. Some termites live in the soil under your home. It is important to know what kind of termite you have and all of your treatment options.


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Bed bugs are a parasite that hides from you in your bed, furniture, or even behind your walls, waiting for you to go to sleep so they could feed off of you and your family. They are considered "hitchhiker pests" - hopping a ride on you or your luggage and making your home their new nest. Knowing where to find them is key in effective treatment.

Bed Bug Control Hero Pest Solutions
Flea Control Hero Pest Solutions

Fleas and ticks are notorious all over the United States for feeding off of and hurting us and our pets. They will live on their host or can live in our house or in our yard. Fleas jump and ticks cling, so they are pretty easily identifiable. Treatment for these pests are similar, and usually include a combination of inside/outside treatments. You may also need to wash your pet and/or put them on a parasite medication to keep your pets safe.


Spiders are very pesky pests. Their webs are a nuisance to walk through and can be tough to remove. They can also bite us, and some are even venomous and can be deadly. Treatment for spiders can be a simple procedure, and may not even require the use of liquid insecticides.

Spider Control Hero Pest Solutions
Silverfish Control Hero Pest Solutions

Silverfish flourish in moist, humid climates. Because of this, they are a very common pest in South Florida. They are usually found in bathrooms, attics, or garages. They feed on polysaccharides, which can include starches found in books and their binding, cardboard, wallpaper paste, coffee, glue, or hair. Treatment is relatively simple to eradicate this pest.


Mosquitos are perhaps the most annoying pest we have in South Florida. Outdoor activities can be ruined instantly if mosquitos are biting you and your guests. Mosquitos are parasites and thrive in balmy, humid climates, (sound familiar?). Although these pests are very common, treatments can be done to your lawn and home to eliminate and prevent these pests from feeding on your guests. 

Mosquito Control Hero Pest Solutions
White Fly Control Hero Pest Solutions

White Flies are a very destructive pest we have to deal with living in South Florida. These pests feed on plants, such as ficus shrubs, palm trees, and other ornamentals, and can cause extreme damage. These pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage in a short amount of time. Luckily, there are several options for treating and preventing these bugs from ruining your landscape. 


Millipedes are hard, crunchy, worm-like bugs we may see by windows or doors inside of our home. They are actually lawn pests but can make their way into our homes. Even though they do not cause us any harm, they can be overwhelming as uninvited guests. Treatment for them usually involves a combination of inside and outside treatment.

Millipede Control Hero Pest Solutions
Pantry Bugs Hero Pest Solutions

Weevils are commonly called a "pantry pest", as they are mostly found in pantries, cabinets, or other areas dry food is stored. Treatment for these pests usually requires a thorough inspection of the area they are found.






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