Live Animal Trapping

Some animals that make their way onto your property can be a nuisance. They can cause damage to your home or leave their droppings around your home or in your pool. They can end up in your garbage cans, tearing apart trash bags and leaving you to clean up the mess. They can even threaten or fight with your pets! When this happens, relocation is usually the best solution.

The process of live animal trapping includes strategically setting a cage with bait and checking the trap daily. Once the animal is caught, it is safely relocated. 

We also offer live animal trapping as an alternative to killing other pests, such as mice and rats. We are called Hero Pest Solutions and not Hero Exterminating because we proudly offer alternatives to killing your pests.

This service is available for the removal of the following pests:



Mice & Rats


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Hero Pest Solutions reviews
Hero Pest Solutions reviews
Hero Pest Solutions reviews