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Rodent Control

Mouse Control Hero Pest Solutions

Affecting both homes and businesses, rats and mice are very common pests in South Florida. These Florida natives are a much-needed link in our natural food chain.

Typically, they happily live outside. Unfortunately for us, they don't always stay outside. Many factors can cause them to try to make your home their home.  Cold weather, bad storms, landscaping, and construction are all common reasons rats may become homeless, seeking shelter in our homes!

Hero Pest Solutions has the experience to get rid of any rodent issue you are having.


Here's how:


Setting traps is rodent control 101. It is a basic (but critical) step in removing any current infestation.


Knowing where to set them, how to set them, and what to bait with is crucial.

Rat Control Hero Pest Solutions


Rodent Exclusion Hero Pest Solutions

Getting rodents out is one thing. Keeping them out is another. Finding how they entered your home or business and sealing those entry points ensures they don't return.

We can seal entry points with wire mesh, foam, caulk, drywall, or even concrete,


Rodent bait boxes are an effective way to keep rats and mice away from your property.

Rodenticide can be very dangerous to non-target pests, including local wildlife, our pets, or even us! Using quality boxes and knowing where to safely place these boxes is essential is the SAFE control of rodents using rodenticide. 

We recommend using rodenticides only under the supervision of a licensed pest control company or operator. The health of your family and pets aren't worth cutting corners and handling yourself.

Rodent baiting Hero Pest Solutions

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