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No-Tent Termite Control

No-tent treatment South Florida

Realizing you have a drywood termite problem can be really stressful, and for good reason! These devasting bugs can cause significant damage to your home. And treatment can be expensive and inconvenient.

Tent fumigation is the standard method for treating drywood termites in South Florida. It produces the quickest results and is the most effective form of pest control. But fumigation isn't for everyone. 

Not all homes qualify

Tent fumigation is typically only an option for single-family homes or businesses not connected to others. If the structure you want to be fumigated is physically connected to other homes or businesses, (ie. a duplex, townhouse, condo, apartment, businesses located in a strip mall, etc.), you would need to collaborate with every neighbor connected to your structure so the entire building can be tented at once. For some, that's impossible.

No-tent treatment South Florida
No-tent treatment South Florida

It's costly

For the average home, tent fumigation can cost between 1200.00 - 2500.00. For some, that's just undoable.

It's inconvenient

Tent fumigation requires you to leave your home for at least 3 days, sometimes longer. And not just your human family. Your pets will have to go as well!

You also have to prep your home before the service. Awnings or gutters may need to be taken down, shrubs or trees may need to be cut, potted plants and baby mattresses need to be removed from the home, food and medicine need to be double-bagged or removed from the home, gas needs to be turned off, just to name a few. Some people are unable to make these arrangements.

No-tent treatment South Florida

Whatever your reason is for not wanting to fumigate, we have a cheaper, more convenient alternative: Our no-tent termite treatment.

How no-tent termite treatment works

No-tent termite treatment is the application of termiticide directly to or in the wood with termite activity. It can be applied directly as a liquid via a low-pressure mist or injected into the wood as a foam via pressurized injections.

Typically this service is more of a process than a one-time eradication. Initially, the service includes spot treatments where termite activity is suspected, and the application of liquid termiticide on exposed wood in the home, including the attic. Throughout the warranty period, if any activity is found, we return at no additional cost to spot treat the new areas of activity, eliminating them one-by-one until the termites are completely eradicated! 

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All homes qualify

 The no-tent termite treatment can be done to stand-alone structures and structures that can't be tented, like duplexes, townhomes, condos, apartments, or those located in a strip mall.

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It's more affordable 

No-tent termite treatment typically costs half the price of traditional tent fumigation. You can use our easy-to-use No Tent Cost Estimator Tool by clicking here


It's far more convenient 

No-tent termite treatment doesn't require you to leave your home. It doesn't require any prep outside of giving us access to the areas where termite activity is and your attic. No food/pets need to leave, and in most cases, the initial service can be done within 2 hours.


It's backed up with a 1-year warranty 

The no-tent treatment may require several follow-up visits to completely eradicate your termite issues. During the warranty period, those follow-ups are included and cost you absolutely nothing!

Considering fumigation? We offer that service as well! Click here for more information on that treatment option.

No-tent treatment South Florida

If you are interested in this service and would like us to contact you with more information on pricing or scheduling, please click here.

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