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Tent Fumigation

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Sharing your home with unwelcome tenants can be a very stressful situation. Sprays, baits, or trapping could resolve the issue over time. But an infestation of pests in your home, especially those that can feed on your food, your pets, your children, or even your home itself may require an immediate resolution. 

Tent fumigation offers that immediate resolution. Once your home is fumigated, the target pests will be killed within 24 hours. That quick turnaround can be the difference in selling your home, improving your familys lives, or just a way to achieve total peace of mind.

What is fumigation effective for?

The following pests can be completely eradicated by tent fumigation within days:

Carpet Beetles


Powder Post Beetles

What's the process?

Tent fumigation is the application of a gas fumigant into your home, business, or boat. The fumigant is kept inside the structure by covering it with tarps, commonly called a tent. The exact amount of fumigant for your specific pest issue is measured and applied by state-licensed fumigation applicators. Once the fumigant has been in the structure for the required amount of time, the tent is taken off and the structure is aired out. Using a special clearing device, the structure is measured for trace amounts of the fumigant and is only cleared when a safe amount of the fumigant has dissipated from the structure. 

The entire process typically takes about 3 days:

Day 1

The tarps are put onto the structure and the fumigant is released into the structure.

Tent fumigation South Florida

Day 3

We return to the property after the required aeration period and measure the air with a special device to ensure the structure is safe to re-enter.

Tent Fumigation South Florida

Day 2

The tarps are removed from the structure and the aeration process begins.

Tent fumigation South Florida

Sometimes the process can take longer. Wind and rain can play a huge factor in delaying the process.


Also, the time it takes to safely clear the structure for re-entry can vary between structures.

Fumigation is highly effective but could be highly toxic if your home isn't properly prepped prior to your fumigation date. Each fumigant comes with its own "fact sheet", which includes details about the fumigant, along with a prep sheet you must follow to ensure your home is as safe as possible. The law requires any fumigator to provide you with the planned fumigants fact sheet prior to your fumigation date.

In addition to the prep work, the Florida Department of Agriculture requires all fumigators to follow strict rules. No matter what company you choose to fumigate your home, the label and State rules must be strictly followed. 

Preparing for tent fumigation

There are many things you must do to properly prepare your home to be tented. Some of the main ones are listed below: 

Make arrangements to leave

Typical tent fumigation requires the home to be vacant for about 3 days. Make sure anyone living in the structure, including animals, have somewhere to go until the home is cleared and safe for re-entry.

Tent fumigation South Florida

Drain any water that will be in the structure

Fumigants can settle on water and become a health issue after the fumigation process is complete. Drain all water from fish tanks, water collection tanks, or any other potable water source planned to be under the tent during fumigation.

Tent fumigation South Florida

Arrange for a duplicate key to be given to your fumigator

Florida law requires fumigators to have a physical key to the structure during fumigation. Keypads, remote access, or electronic access are not acceptable. Make sure you have a physical key you can provide the fumigator before the service is scheduled.

Tent fumigation South Florida

Prep plants that will be under the tent

Unfortunately, many plants that will be covered under the tent during fumigation will die. You can prep these plants and increase their odds of survival by heavily watering them the night before the scheduled fumigation.

Tent fumigation South Florida

Properly prep food

Unsealed food can absorb enough of the fumigant to be toxic. To make sure your food is safe, it is required all food is bagged in Nylofume bags (with the exception of jarred and canned food.). That includes pet food, medicine, and even candy.

Tent fumigation South Florida

Remove any obstructions 18" from the structure

The tent requires at least 18 inches of clearance from the structure for a tight seal can be maintained. Make sure plants are trimmed, vehicles are moved, gates are opened, and all obstacles are pushed back to allow the tent to safely settle around the structure. 

Tent fumigation South Florida

Turn off gas utility/alarm system

Structures that use natural gas or propane must have the utility company shut off the gas feed the morning of the scheduled fumigation. Alarm systems must be disabled to allow us to come and go freely.

Tent fumigation South Florida

A complete checklist will be given to everyone scheduling tent fumigation and is available in PDF format by clicking here.


Pricing is typically calculated by determining the structures' total cubic footage expected to be under the tent. We would need to measure your home in person before agreeing on a price, but we are typically able to give you a price range over the phone.

Tent fumigation South Florida

Not sure tenting is the right decision for you? We offer no-tent options for every pest that does not require prep work or vacating the structure, including drywood termites!   Click here to learn more about our no-tent drywood termite treatment.

Tent fumigation South Florida
Tent fumigation South Florida

If you are interested in this service and would like us to contact you with more information on pricing or scheduling, please click here.

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