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Green Pest Control

Green Pest Control Hero Pest Solutions

Each year, people are becoming increasingly concerned with the long term effects pesticides may have on our environment. As a result, environmentally friendly, (or green), pest control has become popular. But not all "green" pest control is truly green. 

When people request a green alternative to pesticides, they are looking for a low-risk, non-toxic option. Unfortunately for those with good intentions, the classification of "green" has become subjective. Many popular pest control companies claim to apply "green" pesticides, but they end up using the same synthetically created pesticides they normally use!

Why the confusion?

Many pesticides used today are derived from the Chrysanthemum plant. These pesticides are called Pyrethroids. Because they originate from this plant, many companies have claimed them to be "natural" or "green". The truth is, these pesticides are synthetically altered and are far from "natural".

Make no mistake: Pyrethroids are effective. They are the standard pesticide applied by nearly every exterminator nationwide. And when mixed, handled, and applied correctly, are labeled to be safe around your family and pets with very few restrictions.

These pesticides may be effective, but it is irresponsible to label them as green. They are far from their natural origins and can cause serious issues if misapplied, or for those with pesticide allergies. Under no circumstance can these pesticides be ingested safely, and humans/pets must avoid physical contact with them (even when diluted), while wet.

Chrysanthemum Hero Pest Solutions
Hero Pest Solutions
Hero Pest Solutions

What is truly green?

The US Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for regulating pesticides that can be potentially dangerous if misapplied residentially, commercially, or agriculturally. All states comply with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) created by the EPA. Pest control companies can only legally apply pesticides approved to be on this list.

The EPA has also created an exempt list for pesticides that are low risk, and are exempt from FIFRA regulations. They are commonly called FIFRA 25B pesticides. These pesticides have such a low risk for health issues, federal regulations are not needed. These pesticides are the most natural and safe, making them truly green.

Most 25B products are safe for humans to apply with limited restrictions. Some can even be applied to your skin and ingested safely! Many people with allergies or breathing/skin sensitivities prefer these natural products as a non-invasive pest solution.

More than application

A good company that offers green pest control does more than just apply 25B products. A preventive pest plan is typically created, and can include sealing cracks pests use as entryways, finding and eliminating areas that collect water around your home, and even change your irrigation schedule and landscaping!

Caulking Hero Pest Solutions
Harborage areas Hero Pest Solutions

Many pests, including ants, roaches, silverfish, spiders, mosquitoes, and gnats nest near water. Identifying and eliminating a harborage area around your home is another part of our green pest solution plan. 

What is the downside?

While many 25B products are effective, one thing is missing in nearly all of them: a strong residual.

Residual is how much of the pesticide is left behind after the initial application. Most 25B products have a low residual rate, meaning for them to be effective, they must be reapplied more often than regular pesticides. This means you may require more frequent treatments, usually monthly, or even weekly or daily. Even then, variables such as rain or landscaping can weaken the product enough to make it ineffective.

Another downside is the price. 25B products are typically more money to purchase and apply. Because of the inspection and the proper preparation most homes need initially, they typically require more time. Combine that with potentially more application rates, green pest solutions typically cost about 2x the price of conventional pest control annually. 

The Hero Difference

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