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Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Control Hero Pest Solutions

It's obvious: bed bugs are difficult to control. What's not so obvious is why. Bed bugs are difficult to control because they develop resistance to insecticides very quickly. A pesticide that was effective against bed bugs last year can be so ineffective today it's not even sold anymore! 


For this reason, many local pest control companies don't offer bed bug control. Those that try may rely on trial and error, hoping one of their methods is effective. Meanwhile, these pests are literally feeding on you and your family!

 This inexperience can cost you more than your blood; it can cost you thousands more than you need to pay! Companies may recommend extreme solutions, like tenting your home or a complete home heat treatment, to solve your problem.

Hero Pest Solutions proudly offers a targeted, effective, and affordable bed bug treatment. We are so confident in our treatment method, we are one of the few companies that offer a warranty with our service! We are also one of the few companies that can effectively offer a treatment plan to prevent future bed bug infestations.

The Hero Difference

Hero Pest Solutions has experience with getting rid of the worst bed bug infestations. We know what works and what doesn't work.

We use a combination of sprays, heat, and removal to ensure the most effective result for our customers. And best of all:

Our bed bug treatment method does not require you to vacate your home!


Our bed bug control includes spraying different insecticides, including an insecticide (to kill), insect growth regulator (to sterilize eggs), and even a fungus (to attack the bugs parasitically). 

We apply the spray directly to the mattress, the box spring, baseboards, carpet, ceiling, walls, and furniture.

Bed Bug Control Miami


Some infestations are so heavy, simple removal is the best option. Included in every bed bug treatment is the safe removal of large nests. We do this by vacuuming the clusters of bugs, removing them from your home.

We use a backpack vacuum specifically designed for bugs. The vacuum has a HEPA filter and doesn't allow the bugs to escape once inside.

Bed Bug Control Broward


An effective way to kill both live bed bugs and their eggs is heat. We utilize a streamer to target the areas bed bugs are nesting, eliminating the need to completely heat your entire home.

The heat does not damage anything it's applied to.

Bed Bug Control West Palm Beach

Some Helpful Tips

Act Now Hero Pest Solutions

Don't wait

Bed bug problems never go away on their own. Very rarely are people able to effectively slow the infestation themselves.


The longer you wait, the harder it may be to eradicate.

Clean Hero Pest Solutions


Wipe down bed frames with bleach, vacuum or sweep infested rooms, and do laundry (bedding included) as often as you can.

Research Hero Pest Solutions

Do your research 

Get multiple quotes for treatment methods. Compare control plans, pricing, and warranties.

Tenting and/or full heat treatments are rarely necessary to solve a bed bug issue. If tenting is preferred, click here for information on our tent fumigation option for bed bugs.  

Preparing your home for service

Bed Bug Treatment South Florida
Bed Bug Treatment South Florida

Prepping your home is essential in the success of any bed bug treatment. We offer a downloadable PDF with information on what needs to be done before and after treatment, and even includes a checklist. You can see this prep sheet by clicking here. 


Hero Pest Solutions offers no hidden fees

If you are interested in our bed bug service and would like pricing, we offer an instant, no-obligation bed bug price estimator tool! Just answer a few questions about your home and we can instantly give you an estimate for treatment. Click here to access all of our price estimator tools. 

You could also contact us live for pricing, questions, or scheduling inspections by using our chatbox in the bottom-right corner, or call, text, or email us

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