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Attic Restoration

Attic sanitization Hero Pest Solutions

One of the many services that set Hero Pest Solutions apart from the competition is going beyond typical pest control. Our attic restoration service is a perfect example of how we go above and beyond other companies.

For many, removing a rodent infestation is just the beginning of solving their rodent issue. Depending on the severity of the infestation, rodents can leave behind urine-soaked insulation, droppings, fur, blood and even their carcasses! The smell of their urine can attract new families of rats to infest, and can also cause serious breathing issues for you and your family.

Rat control Hero Pest Solutions
Insulation removal Hero Pest Solutions

One rodent can defecate 50 times per day!

Their urine and droppings soak into your insulation, leaving a smell that will never go away on its own!

Besides a pungent odor, the odor has been linked to respiratory issues in adults and children

Rodent dropping removal Hero Pest Solutions

How we can help

Hero Pest Solutions is more than equipped to completely rid your home of anything rodents can leave behind! We offer complete and partial restorations to best suit your needs.

Our process:

We remove all of the old insulation with an industrial vacuum

Attic cleaning Hero Pest Solutions
Insulation removal Hero Pest Solutions

This service physically removes droppings, carcasses, fur - anything rodents can leave behind

We sanitize the empty attic space with a commercial grade disinfectant

Attic fogging Hero Pest Solutions
Insulation installation Hero Pest Solutions

We install new insulation of  your choice

Results you can see

Partial restorations include removal of droppings and sterilization of existing insulation.

Rat cleanup Hero Pest Solutions

This service is perfect for a light infestation 

Rat sanitization Hero Pest Solutions
Insulation replacement Hero Pest Solutions

Complete restorations include removal of all insulation, sanitization, and installing new insulation

Attic restoration Hero Pest Solutions

This service is perfect for even the worst infestations 

If you are interested in this service and would like more information,

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