Unfortunately for us, Florida is famously known for roaches. Roaches prefer warm, moist living conditions, so you can see why that makes South Florida the perfect home for them.

There are 70 different species of cockroach native to Florida. They happily live their lives outside in our soil, sand, shrubbery, plant life, and even our palms! These native roaches tend to be bigger than most other species in the US and are similar to each other with only subtle differences physically and in behavior.

While they prefer to live outside, they can be drawn inside of our homes by rain, cold weather, landscaping, or even neighbors treating their homes with insecticides.  

In addition to our native roaches, we also have to contend with a major headache: the German Cockroach. The German Roach is not native to Florida, hence they will not enter your home from outside. In fact, they cannot survive outside of our home. They are always brought into our home or business from an outside source, most commonly from grocery shopping! Eggs are commonly laid in the packaging of food stored in an infested distribution center or even an infested delivery truck. Once introduced to our home or business, the eggs hatch, and the problem begins.

Below is a comparison of the 2 most common roaches you may see in your home or business.

Roach Identification




Eggs per ootheca



Ootheca (Egg case)

1-2 months

Age of Maturity

2 weeks

50 - 100

Avg. size of nest


Difficulty to eradicate



Because of their differences, American Roaches and German Roaches require different treatment methods. Hero Pest Solutions is equipped to properly identify and treat your specific roach issue efficiently and quickly.



Find out more information on our roach services and treatment options by clicking here.


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