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Covid 19

Covid safe pest control Hero Pest Solutions

We at Hero Pest Solutions take Covid 19 seriously. We are designated by the State of Florida as essential workers, allowing us to operate our business during the pandemic.  


We take our responsibility to protect our customers, their families, our families, and our community very seriously. That's why we have altered our regular protocol to minimize the possibility of spreading the virus. Listed below are some ways we've done that. 

Personal Protective Equipment

Each technician has been equipped with PPE to minimize the spread of Covid 19. This includes masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer in every truck. 

Covid safe Hero Pest Solutions

Social Distancing

Kid Friendly pest control Hero Pest Solutions

Our technicians follow CDC guidelines and stand 6 feet from our customers whenever possible. Our office staff has worked from home since the outbreak, and we have altered services to focus on outside treatment, only treating the inside if requested or absolutely necessary. 

Payment/Service Flexibility

We understand this pandemic has caused a financial burden on many of our customers. Because of this, we have allowed rescheduling of regular services to when it's more financially convenient without penalty.


We also have shifted our services to focus on primarily treating the outside of homes, and we even offer a payment program for those that may not be able to pay 100% of their invoice total at the time of service.

No Chances Taken

We have adapted protocol to protect the families of both our customers and our staff. All of our employees are fully vaccinated.


If anyone shows any symptoms of being sick, they are immediately sent home and scheduled for testing. Thankfully, none of our employees have tested positive for Covid 19. 

If you are interested in our services, please check out the services we offer by clicking here.

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